Josiah (Fort Worth Children’s Photographer)

We have been busy the past week and a half dealing with the sickies that came in to our house and got every single one of us sick for a good while. I think today we are finally all in the clear and our germ infested house is no longer infested with germs! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to take our four year old son out for a while now to try to get some portraits of him, and he seemed like he was feeling up to it on Saturday so out we went. I hadn’t tried for some great pictures of him since his fourth birthday over five months ago, and even then he only would take some for me if he wore his Captain America costume! I was so excited to find some trees with fall colors when we went out for our photoshoot. So without further adieu, my four and a half year old.

This is the face I see when he is about to do something slightly naughty…

I adore this picture below of Josiah, because he makes this face all the time. This is the face he makes when he thinks he’s just said something pretty funny or clever.

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