It’s been a while!

Okay, so I know I should have updated the ole blog a long time ago, but I mean it when I say that life has just been so busy! In March, we welcomed our fourth child to the family! Eden was born on March 5th to join a house full of boys. Finally, I am not as overwhelmed with the testosterone that has filled our house for so long ;). She really has been a blessing, and all three of her big brothers are so crazy about her!

My plan is to remake this picture to see how each of our four kids grow throughout the year.

I ended up taking Maternity leave until May, just to give us time to adjust as a family of six. I also homeschool all of our children, so we needed time to figure out how to do that with a newborn! Amidst all the craziness, I was able to capture our four again when Eden turned three months old!

And I got a few cute ones of her at three months old all by herself, too!

Now, she is almost six months old! I’m looking forward to her little photoshoot for that. In July, we celebrated Josiah’s and Elijah’s birthdays. I always try to take the kids out right around their birthday each year to capture them at that age.

And I even got a cute one of our Luke, who doesn’t turn four until October.

I plan on trying to update the blog and website with all of the new sessions I have been busy with these past few months! I have had some really fun shoots that I can’t wait to share! Until then, be sure to like my Facebook page so you can get updates regularly and see fun sneak peaks from shoots!

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