Trick or Treat!

So I don’t share a ton of pictures of my own children often, so I thought it might be fun to show them off today before we head out to Trick or Treat this evening. As you know, we have four kids. Josiah is 7 years old and has been begging us for the past few years to let him be something more scary, so this year he finally got his wish and is going as a swamp zombie. Our second son, Luke, is 5 years old. He really likes Power Rangers right now and after deliberating over being the red or gold ranger, he settled on red! Eli, who is 3, is in love with all types of African cats, but the lion is his favorite of them all. He knew he wanted to be a lion months ago, and never wavered from his costume pick! Eden is our (almost) 20 month old little girl. We were trying to come up with a fun idea for her, and when we realized her hair is the perfect style for a Grandma, we went with it. We got her a bulky sweater, a longer skirt and some bifocals. It was easy to find some silver hair spray to spray her hair grey. I don’t know about your kids, but mine sure are stoked to go Trick or Treating! Have a fun, safe night!


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