What To Expect

I love taking pictures of children and families. I love the interactions between brothers and sisters and their parents and I strive to capture that at each of my sessions. To allow time to really capture that connection, a typical session lasts anywhere from one to two hours. I am a natural light photographer and am happy to meet you at the location of your choice.

What should I wear?

This is a popular question, and an important one too. There’s not really a good answer as it depends on what you want your photographs to look like! I always encourage families to coordinate their outfits but not to match too much. If you find one outfit that you really love, base the other family members outfits around the colors of it. I try to encourage you to think outside of the white shirts and jeans look and embrace some color in your clothing choices. Another thing to think about is the décor in your home. These portraits will be hanging on your walls, so you may want to coordinate your outfits to fit in well with the rest of the colors in your home.

Newborn Sessions

I adore taking photographs of newborns! They are so sweet and snugly, and look so cute cuddled up for pictures.
Newborn sessions are different than regular sessions. For those, I prefer to take them in your home where you are most comfortable and all of your newborn’s essential items are close by. Newborns are typically the sleepiest and most flexible within the first 10 days of life. Because of that, I prefer to take his or her picture within that time frame. The session typically can last well up to three hours depending on how sleepy your baby is. I won’t leave until I’m confident that I have gotten enough different shots of your sweetie!
When I arrive at your house, I ask that you have your house temperature set to at least 80 degrees. I want your baby to feel nice and warm for pictures! It will also be important to have your baby fed and have his or her diaper loosened about 20 minutes prior to our session. I will use natural light in your home, so when I arrive I will walk around to find the room or area with the best natural light.
I bring all the props we will need for your baby’s session. This includes a backdrop stand, so be prepared to possibly move some furniture around a little bit to make room for all of the props.
If you are interested in outdoor, I really love doing outdoor newborn sessions. I love photographing in a natural outdoor environment and feel that I can capture beautiful images of your baby outside. Outdoor pictures are only available when the weather is perfect and not too cold outside.